??? is an mysterious creature that is made off an mickey Oswald ortensia and poison it has mickey arms Oswald legs it has ortensia's ears and poison makes the rest off its body such as the body tail and head it also has one eye from a mickey suit


it starts on night 5 ans will be seen standing on the roof befor it crawls down the chiney and into thee meat frzzer were is will crawl into the office you have to shut 3 CAMS! off for it to go away or shut the power off


I origanlly planned for it to be made from god undying and hourglass thene the idea was mickey Oswald ortensia and Minnie but I didn't have any idea for mines appearance on it

he was ment to be active on night 6 if the player died to mikmik normal Oswald ortensia and impure mouse to much

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