NOTE: This character is now an official character as an Easter Egg in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. To visit it's official page, click here.

Yes, you are reading right... That's the name... Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativeness Night of Conceptual-doom!!!


The Tomato of whatever it was, it's a tomato, nothing more to it, This page will become more ironic with time BITCH.


The tomato Thingi's behaviour is very simple, he appears extremely rarely in the office, there is no way to avoid him. It also makes the worst noise ever, he also makes the office red, his hobbies include: Yiff, Playing Minecraft, This, Being full of himself, Being full of himself LITTERALY, and weird shit.


  • Tomato is an inside joke in which Landwii keeps insisting on a tomato easter egg. especially to FateForWindows
  • Tomato's name is a joke that unites the most visited articles and makes a name.
  • Tomato's page has many pointless things
    • Like this
  • ¡umop-apisdn
  • Or the category "Kinda"
    • Or the collor "ass"
      • Or the intentional typo on "collor" ("color")
        • Or the also intentional (I think) typo on "litteraly" (literally)

Cum-ing soon.... (MAYBE NOT BITCH)

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