General Info

Charred Mickey is a anthropomorphic mouse based on Mickey Mouse and is an antagonist in A:DI


He resembles Mickey a great deal but is quite withered and distorted in his appearance, He's missing his legs, Eyes and Left Pointer Finger among small holes in his body and head. He has a very unnatural smile and a nose that resembles Hourglass' his ears resemble The Face's although it's not quite to the same extent. He also has a small amount of yellow blood leaking from his right eye. He is very dusty and also having ashes covering him from head to leg-stump.


He starts in Character Prep 1 off camera and then moves to Staff Area, Meat Freezer and has a 50/50 chance to enter the Lounge and then Enters your office. When he is in your office you must turn off a camera failing or neglecting to do so will result in a game over. If you look at him in the cameras it will slow him down.



  • Charred Mickey is heavily inspired by The Face's Gmod model
  • Charred Mickey's name is not his final one.
  • He has a floating eye because of issues that giving him a eye stem would bring.