Corrti Pluto is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


In his first stage, he will be normal, in his second, he will be seen standing up on two legs. In his third, he will have red pupal's and a slightly outstretched mouth while still be seen standing up.


He only appears when the power is off and the player types in " Corrti" on the main menu, replacing shades. In his first stage, he will look normal, but will be seen slightly infront of the office desk with his head down. On his second, he will be seen standing up with both of his front legs out. In his third, he will put both of his front legs on the desk and will have his head tilted. The head will have red pupals and a slightly outstreched mouth. The player must shine their light or he will kill them.


He only appears in the office when the power is off.


Unlike his normal self, his corrti is hostile. It's believed that Corrti's souls become corrupted to the point of hostility.

His second and third stage possibly resembles the actual Pluto costume as he is seen standing up.

It's unknown how he has red pupal's in his third stage, it's possibly representing his connection with Undying.

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