Death Mouse is a antagonist and a demon in

Abandoned Discovery Island



He is a crimson mickey with no legs has a demon look to him has red eyes and swollen eye sockets and is all bloody.


He acts very similar to foxy he goes and flies to the lounge to office to kill the player

Old quotes:You don't even

DM-you dont even know the truth behind me you will die here
DM- you win fella
DM- hey watch it there
DM- get away from my sight you should die
DM- goodbye my friend
DM- Screech

know the truth behind me your will die here. You win fella. Hey watch it there. Get away from my sight you should die. Goodbye my friend.


New Audios. Most Audios are replaced.

DTH Truth Behind
DTH Heart
DTH Yelling Mercy
DTH-Yelling Laugh


  • He is the Final Boss of FNATI (ADI Only)
  • He is the Most Dangerous demon in FNATI ADI
  • According to this theory he and suicide mouse are best friends.
  • He Acts Very Similar To Foxy