Death Mouse is a antagonist and a demon in

Abandoned Discovery Island



He is a crimson mickey with no legs has a demon look to him has red eyes and swollen eye sockets.


He acts very similar to foxy

quotes:You don't even

DM-you dont even know the truth behind me you will die here
DM- you win fella
DM- hey watch it there
DM- get away from my sight you should die
DM- goodbye my friend
DM- Screech

know the truth behind me your will die here. You win fella. Hey watch it there. Get away from my sight you should die. Goodbye my friend.



  • He is the Final Boss of FNATI (ADI Only)
  • He is the Most Dangerous demon in FNATI
  • According to this theory he and suicide mouse are best friends.
  • He acts Like The Grim Reaper Death And Foxy the Pirate

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