Deserted Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island.


Deserted Mickey is Photo Negative Mickey with less color saturation, visible yellow blood on his body, hands and ears. His shoe and his right ear are chipped.


Deserted Mickey starts in the Storage room on Night 5. Once he gets to the Office he will shut off a camera on his own if the player does not shut off a camera. He has a 20% chance of shutting of Character prep 1 and a 80% chance of shutting of the Meat freezer. He can also kill the player if they hide for more than 5 seconds when he is in the Office. When moving he can say the following: "EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY MINNIE!" "I know what you did to her!" "I know what you did to us!" and "Hey."


  • He sounds like the normal Mickey Mouse.
  • He has a connection to Deserted Minnie.
  • He can say things when the power is off but he does not attack.

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