Donald's Body is a Regular Donald Duck toon, except that his head is Replaced by a Regular Goofy head. He's created By the User Haxguy Le Fox.


Donald Duck's body is, as his name says a Regular Donald Duck toon body, except that his head is Replaced by a Regular Goofy toon head that is stitched to his neck. He also seems to be covered in Dust.


Note : Donald Duck's body is a 2015 Fnati 2 unused Character, so his locations will be the Fnati 2 ones.

He starts​ at night 3, at Janitor's Closet, sitting at the back with The Rat, laying​ down in the floor. Then, he moves to the Bathroom, Mascot Room 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer and he will enter in The Office. Though, as he can go through the Lounge, he can appear from both Office entrances, depending if he goes through the Meat Freezer, or if he goes through the Lounge. In the office, he will rip his own head, and leave Goofy's head in the desk, and Donald's body staring in front of the Desk. Goofy's head will make a loud s static-like sound, attracting other toons to the office, While Donald's body stares at you. You have to Hide, otherwise Donald's body will kill the player.


After leaving the Janitor's Closet, he can be seen in :

  • Bathroom
  • Mascot Room 1
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Lounge
  • Office


  • This character is an hybrid of Disembodied's body and Acephalous's head.
  • The Reason why Donald's body has Goofy's head stitched to him is actually unknown.
  • He was Created By the User Haxguy Le Fox, in 2015 for Fnati 2.

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