Donald's body is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be a normal, headless Donald Duck suit.


He starts at Night 3 in Character prep 1. When he is in the office, the player must hide or he will kill you.

He will say things like " Can you see me?", " Help me" in normal and faint voice, " Wheres my head?", "See me", " Give me strength", and " I want your head"


His body starts at Character prep 1, then goes to staff area, meat freezer, then the office.


  • He is similar to Acephalous because of both being headless, there heads being non hostile but the bodies are, the night they start at, their mechanics, and some of their quotes.
  • Donald's body can be befriended if you allow his body and disembodied in the office, which will cause a short cutscene of Jake giving the body his head, making him not hostile anymore.