Golden Mickey Is A Fan-Made Character Against Abandoned Discovery Island.The Only Thing That I Know About Him Is That He Is A Secret Character.


Golden Mickey Is A Yellow Golden Version Of Normal Mickey.He Also Has 2 Red Tiny Eyeballs.Golden Mickey Looks A Bit Similiar To Golden Freddy In FNAF 1.


Golden Mickey Has A Rare Chance Of Appearing In The Office.When He Appears In The Office,Doing Anything Does Not Make Him Disappear.When He Moves To The Office,He Sometimes Say


"How Are You Today?"

"Im Friendly"

"Can Play For Some Time?"

"My Name Is Golden Mickey,The Friendly Mouse"

"Don't Worry,I Won't Hurt You"

Golden Mickey Does Not Have A Jumpscare Or Anything Like That.


Golden Mickey Does Not Have A Promo,Thats All I Could Say.

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