Golden Photo Negative Mickey is an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Golden Photo Negative Mickey's appearance is based on Photo Negative Mickey, except golden and has no eyes.


Golden Photo Negative Mickey randomly appears in the Office when the player puts down the monitor. When the player sees him, he can't put up the monitor. He must hide under the desk in 3 seconds or else Golden Photo Negative Mickey will jumpscare him and crash the game.


He only appears in the Office.


  • He is also known as the "Legendary Suit".
  • His pose is similar to Golden Freddy.
  • His jumpscare is also similar to Golden Freddy.
    Golden Photo-Negative Mickey Screech
Golden PN Mickey office texture-0

Golden Photo-Negative Mickey's Office Texture

Golden Mickey V3 KIllScreen

Golden Photo Negative Mickey's kill screen

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