Whoa, hold up buddy.

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Haunted Crowbar is a prop and (somewhat of) a fan-made easter egg.


Its appearance is just a normal crowbar. What else would it look like, Sportaflop?


The crowbar lays motionless in the Staff Area a vast majority of the night. At random, it will appear in the office, floating. The player must hide under the desk (labeled as "GTFO") otherwise the crowbar will "jumpscare" them, crashing the game.


  • The crowbar became an inside joke for Un Invert Mickey as a result of being in a Discord server.
  • Haunted Crowbar's screech is that of Undead Pete's from the first revival of Lampz' SCRAPPED.
  • Its gender is crowbar.
    • Its species is also crowbar.
  • Crowbar has been in the game, but has never become active; this is because it's just a prop at that time around.