Ink-Blot Clarabelle is a Disney character and also a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island



Ink-Blot Clarabelle the Cow, or just Clarabelle for short, looks just like her retro Disney design, but like her name suggests, she seems melted with her flesh showing, missing an arm, her hat, and a horn. Her top jaw is loosely connected to the bottom one via her melted skin. She has phantom like eyes similar to the Ink-Blots from FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney.


Ink-Blot Clarabelle will sometimes appear in the Office Randomly starting on Night 2, the player must pull up the cameras otherwise she will jumpscare and kill the player. She will also stalk the player on all the floors in Pirate Caverns if the player remains idle.


  • She is based on the Ink-Blots from FNATI: NBD (Obvious by now).
  • The reason pulling up the cameras makes her go away might suggest she isn't real.


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