Kyle the FNAF kid is a joke Easter Egg and also an Antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Kyle the FNAF kid is an Antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island, and also a very annoying piece of freak.

Who is kyle?

Kyle is a Kid that represents the FNAF fandom wich a lot of times, Makes requests to You tubers to make Episodes 2 of videos, pointing out mistakes, the obvious and other stuff, he is a monster.


Kyle will start on the Broadcasting Room where he can be seen watching On the Weekend 5 while he awaits for the sixth, he will get bored and proceed to go to the Meat Freezer to get something to eat, and then he will go to the Lounge and he will be shaking extremely, he can be heard say "Six Six Six Six" over and over repeatedly. He will the proceed to the Office where an EXTREMELY LOUD SCREAMING of Kyle saying "I NEED MY WEEKEND 6, NEI', GIVE ME MY WEEKEND 6" multiple times in a loop, he will jumpscare the player if he dosen't shuts off a camera, in this night, shutting off a camera will make the sound "It's me the pimp", making Kyle follow it, he is the only active on the Weekend 6 (Night 6).

He can be activated by staying on the Floor 1 in Pirate caverns your whole time without entering the elevator, the rooms with the Keys including the Chest room key, and without being killed by The Face, in night 5, instead of the player dying, Kyle will enter the door and spam True Mickey to do "Abandoned: Discovery Island 2" even tough he isn't even the developer, this saving the player, and unlocking the Night 6 with Kyle on it instead of True Mickey, i believe he died of Cancer.

If the player neglects to shut off a camera when he is on the office, Kyle will Grab the player from his Leg and Yell "GIVE ME EPISODE 2" in a loop for 5 seconds before the screen goes into static. It seems the player dies because Kyle is too much Annoying, and because he presumably spammed the Player too much that he died of Cancer.

While Moving, Kyle will say:

  • Why did you say you ran out of FNAF related wank material?
  • Mr. Jericho, Mr. Jericho, come out, come out whenever you are.
  • We all know it was Fredbear who did the bite of 87', not Foxy, why did GTA Psycho Animated Foxy doing it.
  • Six
  • I need my Weekend Six
  • Where is the Little ones episode two?
  • No, you fool, we all know Jake is the guard and that he killed some kids of wich haunted the suits of here, we all know that.


He is a kid with a brown/Coffe hair, a Thomas the DANK engine mask of wich, always smiles, a jacket of white, Dark blue pants and shoes. He is also annoying.


Broadcasting Room, Meat Freezer, Lounge, Office.

He will first watch In the Weekend 5 then go get somethign to eat on the Meat Freezer, then he will shake extremely on the Lounge while saying "Six" in a loop, then he will enter the office and Scream to the player in a loop "I NEED MY WEEKEND 6, NEI', GIVE ME MY WEEKEND 6"


  • Kyle is so cancerous, anyone he spams, will die.
  • It is believed the other suits ran away from Kyle, for sure, not so many where so lucky.
  • Kyle spammed True mickey to make A:DI 2, even tough he isn't a developer, True Mickey died, sadly.
  • Kyle cannot be defeaten
  • He wants the Weekend six...
  • Six
  • When Kyle gets the Weekend 6, he will turn into Nightmare Kyle, and drastically change of difficulty.
  • Kyle is Five times as dangerous as True Mickey.
  • He is User:Mateo_the_Rabbit's only character to not be connected with any other character from the Island.