• This is a Joke page. Take absoloutley NONE of this seriously.


Liz is a human woman that didn't really understand than an all you can eat buffet didn't mean litterally eat everything. she wears a white t-shirt with a blue inmate jacket wrapped around it.


She starts at Wentworth Prison Centere then breaks out and SWIMS to Treasure Island. She then enters the Meat Freezer then she walks into the Lounge lastly she enters the Office. Where you must throw a Vodka bottle at her. She will then Drink it whole and run at you. You simply Hide under the Desk. If done right she flies out the window and lands in the ocean to try again.


  1. When moving you can hear a monster growl.
  2. She is connected to The Face.
  3. Her Jumpscare noise is a Chainsaw.
  4. She is tied with Monster Rat for being the scariest FNaF Character ever.
  5. She is based off of Liz Birdsworth from Wentworth.
  6. She is Australlian.
  7. She is the daughter of The Legendary Mr. Krabs

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