Mateo who?

Mateo is a Fan-Made antagonist for Abandoned: Discovery Island, he is a rabbit just like Oswald.


Mateo will only be on Pirate Caverns, he will only chase the player on Floor 1, theres a 10% chance he replaces The Face, he is more aggressive than The Face because he can jumpscare the player at free will, in other words, he has a random timer to jumpscare the player, the timer never goes lower than 2 seconds to react and can reach up to 5 seconds to react. He spams the chest room most of the time, making it harder to open the chest to get the second key, in order to get the True ending or the Good ending. Using your flashlight is SAFE because Mateo is BLIND, even tough he still has his right eye intact, he can't see with it, but he has a very hightened sense of hearing, even higher than Photo Negative Mickey, moving from room to room, the player's footsteps will warn Mateo of your precense in that room, but he will slowly react due to Mateo having just one feet to move with, he can jumpscare the player if the player hides on the Elevator longer than 1 minute, he cannot do this when the player is on the Elevator while on Floor 2 or Floor 3.

He will constantly say the next prhases:

"God... i'm so alone here!"

"MickMick please... listen to me, im sorry!"

"MickMick, are you here?"

"I can't see MickMick, please tell me it's you!"

"Are you playing hide and seek? Can i join?"

He is voiced by his creator himself, as explained in the trivia, sadly... Mateo really has a Mickey voice, his laugh #2 sounds like Mat the Rabbit is crying.


Mateo is like a normal Oswald suit, he lacks of his right ear, his left eye, and his left feet, just like every Oswald suit, he has no arms. His jaw hangs open, and his pants look ripped, theres huge descoloration on his pants.


Mateo will only be on Pirate caverns as an Easter egg with a 10% chance to replace The Face. He can chase the player trough the whole Floor 1 of Pirate Caverns. He also can enter the Elevator making the whole floor unsafe for the player to stay in one spot to get past the night, the best way to avoid this is by going to Floor 2 and then 1 over and over because Mateo will not be on Floor 2.


  • Mateo the Rabbit was Mat's first ever Fan-Made Character for Abandoned: Discovery Island. The second one being The Original
  • Some people might think Mateo the Rabbit loves Ortensia due to him being an Oswald as well, but he likes to be forever alone and dosen't has interest on anyone. But he likes Impure Mouse
  • He has a connection with The Face.
  • Mateo apparently was blind since he possesed the suit, as because he still refers to The Face as MickMick, who comfirmed are the same suit.
  • It is believed Mateo was on the Corrupti Incident.
  • Mateo seems to also be connected with God/Purity, however, this isn't as strong as his connection with The Face.
  • Mateo has a higher chance to replace The Face on Pirate Caverns if the player gets "The Face"s rare screen when starting up Pirate Caverns. (Chances increase 30%)
  • His voice has an Echo and is a bit high pitched, theres a theory stating the soul possesing the suit is of a Kid, this was later on proved NOT TRUE as Mat said Mateo the Rabbit's voice tries to sound up like Mickey Mouse yet fails terribly, making it sound like Suicide mouse's voice, still pretty close.
  • Mateo then comfirmed that he didn't really edit the voice, as his voice was high pitched itself.
  • Mateo the Rabbit's Screech is took out from an MLG video, highly edited. When Mat finds how to upload the sound files, he will put them here.
  • Mateo the Rabbit shares screech with The Original.
  • Mat's laugh #2 sounds like he is crying.
  • He is the whitered version of It's Mateo!

Voice + Screech (Last one, WARNING LOUD!)


Mateo's Audio