After completing the secret ending to Night 5, you get to this ending on Night 6, in "his" ending, you can't shut off the cameras or turn off the power.

What happens on this night

On this night, Jack-O-Zombie is the only character on this night. When the night begins he will say this quote:

"Well we got a visitor here, can you face 6 hours of your doomed fears?"

and then the night begins in a power outage for 3 seconds, after this outage. Jack-O-Zombie begins making an appearance on The Roof.


After beating this night, there will be a Golden Pumpkin trophy in the extras menu when the player checks his trophies inventory.


  • This night is based off Jeff The Killer's actual night in Abandoned Discovery Island: Jeff The Killer
  • This night maybe belong to "Him"
  • A note is seen and it is written by "Him" when the player is checking the lounge

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