"Hey, what do you mean that you are having "Nightmares"? It's all in your head!" - Mateo Anderson


Nightmare Bobcat, better known as Bobcat X, is the second appearcence of Shadow Bobcat, and is only Active on "Night X Round 2", he is very similar to Nightmare Oswald. He also appears in "Nightmare before Disney"


Nightmare Bobcat will start on Character Prep 1 Off-cam, when he has Become active, he can be seen running out of the room, similar to Oswald, then he will be seen on the Broadcasting room, where an image that says "Nightmares never end" writen in the font Waltograph can be seen on the TV's. He will proceed to go to the Meat Freezer where he can be seen running again. The player must be very quick, because he is very fast and can get the guard if they are unaware. The only way to avoid him is by hiding under the desk before he enters. He Team's up with The Face X and Disney X to get the guard. He is more aggressive than his Normal and Shadow counterpart.

He will say the following in a Deep demonical voice:

  • "Im not cute"
  • "Nightmares never end"
  • "You are not dreaming"
  • "Look to what he has done to me"
  • "Im seeking someone to avenge me"

He is very dangerous, and every room he enters is completely Dark and only his eyes can be seen, with the exception of The Office.


He looks like Nightmare Oswald from Nightmare Before Disney, his arms have spikes, he now has a mouth, his head has a spike poking out, and its visible poking the hat, his eyes are demonical and his teeth too. His pants are way more darker in color than shadow, as well the hat, like before, he lacks a button and he is all Shadowy.


He starts in Character Prep 1 Off-screen, when he has become active, he can be seen running out of the room, he will go to the Broadcasting Room, then the Meat Freezer where he will be running towards The Office.


  • The quote "Look to what he has done to me" is a reference to what Disney X has done to him.
  • It's believed Disney X made him into a monster to be more dangerous and finally Kill Jake.
  • The quote "Im seeking someone to avenge me" is a reference to The Living Tombstone's FNaF 2 song.
  • Strange enough, Bobcat X looks like Nightmare Oswald.
  • It is unknown how he got a mouth, but there's a theory saying Disney X did it.
  • He was originally going to look like The Puppet but the project was messed up, so Mateo improvised a Nightmare Version.
  • The prhase "Im not cute" is because Nightmare Bobcat / Bobcat X is not Bobcat, and wants to state that very clearly.
  • He has similar actitude like Oswald from Abandoned: Discovery Island
  • Huge thanks to "Originator156" for making Disney X!
  • Nightmare Bobcat is not real, and just a "Nightmare", but he still is a Demon re-incarnate.

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