As its name implies, the costume is actually a Disneyland park Mickey Mouse character costume with photo negative coloring. It is unknown why it was colored as such. It contains all of the classic Mickey Mouse features, such as circular ears, a small pointed tail, a pointed nose, a large grin, buttoned pants, shoes, and gloves. If reversed, it shows Mickey Mouse's original colors.


He Starts at Cam 3.his Timer Starts in 3AM if Character Prep is Empty.He Goes to the Broadcasting room,Lounge,Storage Room,Meat Freezer and Finaly the Office.And Everywhere he goes to the rooms it turns Photo Negative


when he Moves he Says this Words

  • Smell your Death
  • Weird Gibbrish sounds


  • He is Also Know as Disneyland Park Photo Negative Mickey
  • Some Sounds is a Reversed and low Pitch version of The Lucky Mouse
  • in The Lounge the Other Mickey is a Refference to Corruptus in the Staff area



File:Smell your Death.ogg When he Says Smell your Death

File:Weired Sounds.ogg When His Saying Weird Gibberish Sounds

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