Admin rules

  • Treat users with respect.
  • Don't abuse power.
  • Do not vandilize pages
  • Don't block without a specific reason.

Chat Mod rules

  • Don't abuse power.
  • Don't kick nor block without a certain reason.

User rules

  • Treat staff and other users nicely.
  • RP nicely.
  • Do not insult or harass anyone.
  • Don't vandilize pages.
    • Adding useless categories without a good reason falls under vandilism.
  • Don't edit pages without permission.
  • Do not mention suicide (unless you're talking about Suicide Mouse).
  • Do not "attention seek".
  • Do not insult anything or anyone religious.
  • Do not upload anything cringy.
    • Pages that are considered to be cringy are poorly proofread, have no images, and/or are poorly described or short.
  • Do not badge farm.
  • Pages must relate to Disney, other characters are not allowed.

RP rules

  • No minimodding.
  • No godmodding.
  • Don't be OP.
  • No puppeteering.

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