Screaming Stickman is a Unofficial Easter Egg, antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


He has a Photo Negative Look,Some Creepy eyes,and a wide mouth


The Stickman Starts 99% Rarely in Night 6. He Randomly Appears in The Meat Freezer or Lounge, When he tries to talk, He Screams instead.. But its Very loud.. like VERY VERY loud..

When he Jumpscares you,The Jumpscare is the same as Classic Oswald's Unused Jumpscare


  • The Stickman is not a Joke Character.
  • This page is supposed to Test Making Pages...
  • The Audio is supposed to be on this page but StickmanGuy doesnt know how to do Extra Pages
  • Screaming Stickman's Favourite song is this

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