20170511170418 1

Photo Negative Mickey in the Spare room

20170511170343 1

Photo Negative Mickey and Oswald in the Spare room

20170511170516 1

Oswald in the Spare room

20170511170540 1

The Spare room empty


Spare Room is just a plain room that has similar lighting to Character Prep 1. There is also a crate to the far left.


The suits that appear in this room are Photo Negative Mickey, Photo Negative Minnie, and Oswald. Photo Negative Mickey goes here after entering the Staff area. Photo Negative Minnie also goes here after entering the Staff area. Oswald goes here rarely and will just randomly appear in it.


Photo Negative Minnie in the Spare room


Where the Spare room is on the map. (The red dot is where it is and the green lines are the entrances.)

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