WARNING: Hey, this page contains swearing and some sexual concepts, if you don't like that stuff, it's suggested you don't read this page.

The Suggestion and Complaint Box is an easteregg and reveals some lore in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Suggestion and Complaint Box can be accessed from the very beginning of the game on the menu. If the player were to hold shift on the menu, the player would receive a screen with a random suggestion, or complaint from the Suggestion and Complaint Box located on Discovery Island, that visitors could write notes about, what else? Suggestions and complaints about their experience at the Resort. The accesses your computer's clock, and every 24 hours, a new suggestion or complaint will appear when holding shift on the menu. However, if the player were to change the day, this would also make a new suggestion or complaint appear.

Suggestions and Complaints that may Appear

  • Complaint: I heard banging on the Roof, please find out what it is and fix it.
  • Suggestion: Mr. Cola's appearance is very unnerving and unsettling, can you make him more friendly looking?
  • Complaint: I couldn't sleep at all last night, someone was banging on a piano downstairs.
  • Complaint: The lights turned out down in Pirate Caverns.
  • Suggestion: I
  • Suggestion: Mr. Cola's movement is very inhuman, can you put some WD40 on him or something like that?
  • Complaint: I've been seeing a guy in a black and white Mickey Mouse costume wondering around, whenever I try to ask the guy what he's doing, he runs away. Please find out and stop this guy.
  • Complaint: Woody is creepy.
  • Suggestion: The fact that the mascots don't talk is kinda creepy, could you hire some people who can do voice impressions in the costumes?
  • Complaint: Someone vomited in the Mickey head. Again.
  • Suggestion: Oswald costume?
  • Complaint: AM
  • Suggestion: Please fix the soda machine.
  • Complaint: The radio in the Cola Club room started randomly blaring music.
  • Complaint: Whoever is in the Minnie Mouse costume, keeps looking under the stalls in the lady's bathroom.
  • Complaint: More suggestion cards, someone threw all of them in the toilets in the men's bathroom, I don't want to use a napkin again.
  • Complaint: The man in the Goofy costume keeps trying to flirt with my daughter. Find that pervert, and fire him ASAP.
  • Complaint: I've been seeing a dark rabbit shaped figure following me around, it's giving me the creeps.
  • Complaint: Mickey Mouse has a knife.
  • Complaint: There was some screaming coming from the Staff Area.
  • Complaint: His eyes follow you.
  • Suggestion: ALWAYS
  • Suggestion: Where the hell is my Cinderella?
  • Complaint: Pooh was floating.
  • Complaint: Donald Duck is limp, I think we need an ambulance.
  • Complaint: The Goofy with Donald's head has scarred my children for life.
  • Complaint: Pluto had a seizure.
  • Suggestion: More than just Coca-Cola products in the vending machines please.
  • Complaint: The crates moved.
  • Suggestion: WATCHING
  • Complaint: The black and white costume is back.
  • Complaint: There was some kind of yellow ooze in the Mickey costume, it doesn't look like vomit this time.
  • Complaint: He's following me.
  • Suggestion: Fix the AC, please.
  • Complaint: I heard something break on the Roof during this thunderstorm!
  • Complaint: My child is having nightmares about the suits in the Suit Workshop, please lock the door when no-one is in there.
  • Suggestion: Fix the sink in my room.
  • Complaint: YOU
  • Suggestion: Add some more healthy foods to the Nostalgia Cafe.
  • Complaint: Pirate Caverns elevator broke down.
  • Suggestion: More princesses, my daughter loves Disney princesses.
  • Complaint: I have his boat.
  • Complaint: Moaning coming from the Meat Freezer.
  • Complaint: Creepy black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoon on TV, it freaked my kid out.
  • Complaint: Jack Skellington was acting strange.
  • Suggestion: I want a merchandise shop.
  • Complaint: There was this guy that keeps on writing creepy stuff on the suggestion cards, and keeps swearing. Do something about this IMMEDIATELY.
  • Complaint: I hear him.
  • Complaint: He's back.
  • Suggestion: Mickey smothered me.
  • Suggestion: Turn off the fucking music in that club for once. Every time it blares out, it starts pissing me off.
  • Suggestion: Someone keep an eye on the mascots when they're traveling through the tunnels. I heard Mickey flipped someone off down there.
  • Complaint: Broadcasting Room started acting up. I saw some weird cartoons from it, one of them had screaming.
  • Complaint: Fuck you.
  • Complaint: Minnie raped me.
  • Complaint: There is no god here.
  • Suggestion: Where the actual fuck is my fucking "It's a Small World" you fuckers.
  • Complaint: Donald is unresponsive.
  • Complaint: Someone stole a Minnie Mouse suit.
  • Complain: Something is pulling people under in the pool.
  • Suggestion: Someone hung themselves in the Broadcasting Room again, this is the third time this week.
  • Suggestion: Okay, so, i noticed that a worker was gonna make another Oswald costume. I haven't been getting responses about his progress on it in weeks. However I just found his project. But... Oswald's textures are creepy, and he hasnt been textured or even given arms yet. Should we put this in the storage room until further notice or until that guy gets off his lazy butt and finishes this piece of crap?
  • Suggestion:Could you please close the Character Prep door when you aren't using it. I swear it makes me feel like I'm being watched.
  • Complaint:My daughter says she saw Mickey in the back, just staring at her. Can you tell the freak in the costume to fuck off.
  • Suggestion: The happiest place on Earth, oh, so, so, happy.
  • Complaint: I saw them... they were coming out of the posters.
  • Suggestion: Please, tell the mascot characters to not wander around after dark.
  • (Insert more complaints or suggestions, in fact, it's encouraged that you do.)

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