The Broadcast is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Broadcast is a mysterious figure who takes form of any TV show characters. He was created by a secret television organization to Make people join or to make viewers see disturbing things on TV and let them see the sight of despair, depression, and fear of what you watch on television.


His appearance is simiar to that of mickey mouse, except more shadow(y?) and with red pupils.


He starts at Night 5 in the broadcasting room. He first appears off camera, then appears inside the TV revealing his face while the screen flashes. He then escapes the TV. When in the office, the player must shut off the power or he will kill you. While moving, he will say things like " Welcome to the Broadcast", " Join the Broadcast", " Everything you see on TV takes away the reality of your life", " The sight on TV is about despair, depression, and fear" and " The things you watch will never leave your head"


Broadcast starts at the Broadcasting room off camera, then inside the TV then out. He will then go to Character prep 1, staff area, Meat freezer, then the office.


  • He takes the form of Mickey Mouse on the island is because the suits are based off of Disney characters.
  • There is an Easter egg that if you befriended Suicide Mouse and Willy, then in the broadcasting room when the broadcast is active, then they will look at you with creepy, red eyes.
  • He is also Originator's fan made Creepypasta character.