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The Legendary Mr. Krabs is a joke character in Five Nights At Treasure Island/Abandoned Discover Island

He is an inside joke on Google+ that was never used due to laziness


He appears in the office at night 1 and then he is active on Night 666 (The Joke Night)

He has no set pattern and he moves all around Treasure Island (Only on the regular nights)

To prevent him from killing you, you must put the camera up for him to go away, similar to Golden Freddy from FNAF.

When he moves these quotes can be heard:

"I am the true god of this place"

"Give me money"

A quote can be heard when he moves into Oswald's room:

"Oswald you don't need God when i'm around"

The Legendary Mr

The Legendary Mr. Krabs' Death Screen

When he jumpscares his screech is Oswald's first screech but IT'S LOUD AS HECK! Also he has a death screen.

The Legendary Mr Krabs on the left side

Mr Krabs on the right side (Made a mistake on the photo name) (Night 666)

Mr Krabs' second pose (LOL I DUNNO WHY)

Mr. Krabs on the left side (His second pose tho) (Night 666)

Trivia thing

  • He is actually Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants
  • He is one of NowDoYourHomieShake's favorite characters to make
  • Before The Legendary Mr Krabs, he was gonna make THESCALEDTHINGIMADEBECAUSEIWASBOREDSOIDUNNO Mouse (This is his page)

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