• After a really long hiatus, the next Character of the Week has been set, and it is, if you haven't already seen the 17 votes for it sitting there for the 4 months it's been there, it's...


    Now, these next randomly selected Character of the Week nominees are...

    As always, vote for who you think the next Character of the Week should be on the main page.

    Now, on to our question. I was wondering, would you guys think it'd be a good idea to make a category for Characters that were previously the Character of the Week? This would make it a lot easier to know who not to pick as a nominee, and just generally make it aware to the public. Vote here:

    Should There Be A Category For Previous Characters of the Week?

    The poll was created at 04:46 on April 17, 2017, and so far 9 people voted.

    Thanks, as always!

    ---Distorted Mouse

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    • I think adding a category would be a good idea. As for the vote, glad to see my character made it. And I also voted for Yandre Mickey because I think she's a very interesting character and don't want to be that guy who voted for his own character.

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    • Well, it's no real surprise one of your characters made it. I mean, the way I get the nominees is just by pressing the "Random Page" button a few times until I get 4 characters, and since you and me have added the most characters here, we will almost always at least get a nominee. And it was only a matter of time before one of your characters made it. And a lot more to come.

      And I was actually surprised to see Yandere Mickey be picked out of the bunch.

      And secretly, I usually don't vote for my own characters for the exact same reason as you, but it was Yandere Mickey, I couldn't resist.

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    • Technically I voted over the weekend.

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    • im gonna be a pregnant women with a doegyyyy on my chest

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    • LittleCuteEndo wrote:
      im gonna be a pregnant women with a doegyyyy on my chest


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    • A FANDOM user
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