• so yea as it says im basing this off dothehomieshakes the characters will be as follows

    Tinkey Winkey:doesn't like to be asked quiestions about him and po

    Dipsy:loves questions about explaining things

    Lala:hates questions about hourglass

    Po:cant talk so she will write in caps

    Distorted Tubby:once again  can't talk so he will grunt and dipsy will translate

    Yeti Tubby:can only talk certain words

    Crawling Tubby:growls and writes

    Shadow Tubby:likes to brag

    this blog will also have 3 other characters 1 off there pages has been added but these 3 will be

    Newborns 1 and 2:both can't talk so they talk in screams and dipsy will translate

    Ghost Girl:hates questions about her past

    Boneglass:doesn't reply to questions he just drops in at random

    The Concept: They talk backwards, but the suit talks fowards.

    The Halfed: Shys away if asked about how he died.

    plz dont ask anything immature swears or anything sexual thank you and goodbye for now-tinkeywinkeyxpo

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