Whoa, hold up buddy.

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Triggerglass is a fan-made easter egg, inside joke, and character in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Triggerglass started off as an inside joke by Jacksonfnaffan. Eventually, Un Invert created a promo for the character. He originated from a mini webcomic Jackson posted in a Skype chat, with Hourglass (with the face Triggerglass is seen with) and Undying, where they realize that they have the same model base name. In the final frame, it's a close-up of Triggerglass' face, and a caption reading "WHAT IS THIS SORCERY."


His appearance is that of Hourglass', but has somewhat of an unreadable expression, presumably a "triggered" face, which was where he gets his name from.


His behavior is similar to that of Golden Freddy's in Five Nights at Freddy's. Triggerglass will be occasionally seen in the Staff Area, staring at the player with the expression. If the player puts the monitor down when they were still viewing that camera, he will be in the office. If the player does not shut off a camera, hide, or cut the power, he will jumpscare the player. However, he will not kill the player, but force them to resort to either cutting the power or hiding if a toon arrives, as he will disable all cameras, leaving them vulnerable to Classic Oswald and, to an extent, Undying.

Trivia (w.i.p.)

  • The toon was originally by Jacksonfnaffan, but was also a collaboration page with Un Invert Mickey.
  • Triggerglass originated from a miniature webcomic created by Jackson as a joke on Hourglass and Undying sharing the same body model.