"Theres a very weird suit... it's pretty distorted... Be carefull!" - Lisa



The Visage appears to be a normal Minnie Mouse suit, but with darker coloring and multiple missing features. She appears to be missing her hands, and her whole head from the top jaw up is gone. Her back and her legs appear to be tattered and torn when visible.


The Visage will start on the left side of the Break Room  when she becomes active, and can only be seen in the right side of the Break Room, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and both sides of The Office.


Upon becoming active, a loud crash can be heard from the back of the Break Room. The Visage tends to stay well hidden from camera view, usually hiding behind objects or at the very edges of the camera's range. When she moves from one room to another, she causes a different noise to play depending on the room she enters. Hiding will not cause her to leave the Office. When she appears in your office, shut a cam is the only way to detour her.


  • She was planned to be in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.0 but sadly, it was cancelled.
    • But it is unconfirmed if it's continued or not.